18V Cordless Die Grinders GP18DA

  • 18V Cordless Die Grinders:GP18DA

    With Slide Switch

  • 18V Cordless Die Grinders:GP18DB

    With Paddle Switch


Li-ion battery

Corded Power*

  • With a powerful brushless motor, the GP18DA and GP18DB provide higher performance than their corded counterpart.

    Grinding Steel
    JIS SS400 (corresponding to ISO E275A) with a thrust of 19.6N, using a ⌀25mm WA60P mounted point.

    the GP18DA and GP18DB                                             provide higher performance than GP3V
    * Vs. HiKOKI's GP3V corded die grinder. The values shown are for reference purposes and may vary according to the workpiece materials and other operating conditions.

Variable Speed Dial with Auto Mode

  • Produces 7,000 to 29,000 RPM (1-5) and 15,000 to 29,000 RPM (Auto Mode) to easily adjust the speed best suited for the application.

    Enlarged view of the dial
    Dial RPM Use
    1 7,000m/min Polishing and Finishing
    2 13,800m/min Paint Removal
    3 16,600m/min Rust Removal
    4 24,400m/min Deburring
    5 29,000m/min Grinding
    Auto 15,000m/min: Under No Load
    29,000m/min: Under Load

    Auto mode reduces noise under no-load operation.

Safety Features

HiKOKI's safety features will keep the user as safe as possible during operation.

  • • Brake
  • • Soft Start
  • • Overload Protection
  • • Kickback Protection
  • • Anti-Restart Protection
  • • Paddle Switch (GP18DB)
Paddle Switch (GP18DB)


Model GP18DA GP18DB
Switch type Slide Switch Paddle Switch
Capacity Collet Chuck 6mm
Max. Wheel 50mm
Battery Voltage 18V
No Load Speed 7,000 - 29,000/min
Overall Length 464mm (with BSL1850C)
Weight*1 2.3kg (with BSL1850C)
2.8kg (with BSL36B18)*2
Standard Accessories*3 2Batteries (BSL1850C), Charger (UC18YFSL),
Collet Chuck, Wrenches,
Battery Cover, Carrying Case


  • * 1: Weight: according to EPTA-Procedure 01/2014.
  • * 2: Sold separately.
  • * 3: Standard accessories vary by country or area.
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  • • Please contact local dealers for product availability and product details.